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"I  was referred to Vincent by a close friend and highly respected attorney. His business relationship and personal demeanor was nothing but professional and efficient.  His understanding of the law and nuances that surround the legal interpretations, was exemplary and precise.  His practice is based purely on accuracy and understanding of the law. It is my recommendation, to those who are looking for exceptional professionalism, to retain Mr. Tong as your counsel.  I cannot portray how seamless and effortless my experience was with him, during my legal assistance. If Vincent is representing you, peace of mind will surely be the result. Thank you Vincent."

- Andrew M.

"I contacted Attorney Vincent Tong at Tong Law.  I was not getting a favorable reference from my former employer even though I was forced out of my job by my coworkers.  I was given a negative review from my former employer to a prospective employer for not being a team player even though my coworkers ganged up and bullied me and my boss did nothing to help.  I lost job offers as a result even though I was highly qualified for the positions that I applied for.  Tong is an expert in employment law and business law.  He was able to articulate and to explain the relevant potential legal issue clearly and in plain English without the professional legal jargon.  His rates are very reasonable and he offered valuable tips on resolving issues without overcharging the client.   He returned my calls promptly.  I greatly appreciate his assistance and will definitely consider his counsel whenever legal issues arise.   I will also highly recommend him to all my friends and relatives."

- Ding Y.

"Vincent is an incredible lawyer. His depth of knowledge in employment law and his extensive trial experience make him one of the best kept secrets in the bay area. Anyone lucky enough to get his time will find a diligent and passionate lawyer that is competent, compassionate, and earns the respect of everyone he works with. I highly recommend him to any business looking to find that go to person to solve any issue they face and know that no matter what happens, you can rest assured that Vincent has it handled. As the entrepreneur of a start up I wanted to find someone I can trust, someone that is an absolute expert, but also just someone that I like being around that I can count on in the most stressful of situations. Vincent is all of these things and more."

- Sam L.

"Vincent Tong was referred to me by a friend. I needed someone who would help me in this very difficult time. I really didn't know anything of the matter. After talking to him he explained to me my options, and the benefits of each scenario for which direction I could proceed. There was no pressure and he was there easily accessible when I needed any questions answered. His services truly helped me and I was able to get back to my life. I would definitely refer him to anyone that needs legal help."

- Anthony S.

"I also chose Vincent Tong based upon his positive reviews on Yelp.  I am glad that I did.  He was able to review the documents I had received from my employer, and clearly explain to me what they meant and my options.  He was able to answer my questions , and was genuinely interested in my situation.  He did not try to rush me out of the office, but instead made sure that I was satisfied.  I will recommend him to my friends if they have employment issues."

- Pamela G.

"I can't recommend Vincent highly enough! Everything he does is above and beyond. He was incredibly patient, knowledgeable, and most importantly compassionate. Out of all the other attorneys I've contacted, he was the only one willing to help us weigh our options by providing a free legal consultation first. He consistently followed up with us to check on our situation and carefully considered all scenarios. I assure you that you will be in good hands if you utilize Vincent's services."

- Anna L.

"Vincent was referred to me by a friend.  I had just decided to start a company with a co-worker and needed advise regarding leaving my old firm and also needed to hire an attorney for the new venture.  To date, Vincent has been our best hire.  He helped us incorporate, write up our partner agreement and has recently helped us negotiate a tricky problem with a client.  Because of him, we saved around 30K.  I know a lot of people are concerned about hiring an attorney as it is expensive but it is so important to find someone like Vincent.  He is smart, eloquent and always has your best interest at heart.  Hire him before too many people hear about him and he can't take anymore clients."

- Leah D.

"I am very thankful for Vincent's professionalism and willingness to help those in need. Although I didn't utilize Vincent's service as my situation changed, he was the only attorney out of many who sees through the details and knows every aspect of employment laws and employee rights. And that offered so much comfort to my situation. I highly recommend Vincent!"

- HT

“Vincent Tong was recommended by my son’s acquaintance. He was very helpful in providing me the legal advices I needed to navigate through a difficult situation. He always made himself available when needed. I would recommend Vincent to anyone who needs legal advice.”

- Aleth D.

"I contacted Vincent Tong after I was denied my unemployment insurance benefits. Before going through the appeal of the denial, I believed that I could handle it by myself. If I explained the facts to the judge, I would win, I thought. But I was totally wrong. I realized that I needed an experienced lawyer to help and I found Mr. Tong. He was very helpful in explaining my case to me, and represented me at the appeals hearing. The result was I WON!"

- George L.

"Awesome awesome guy!  I came across his number on one of the worst days of my life, and he set me in a great spot.  I didn't even need his services as and he willingly gave me a significant amount of his time to walk me through the entire situation.  Great guy, definitely would recommend to any friend!"

- Ty J.

"A trusted friend of mine recommended Vincent to me when I was looking for advice on how to set up a business. When I reached out, he answered almost immediately. When we spoke, he was a wealth of knowledge about the different paths I could take and helped me understand what I needed to do before even hiring him. It's a weight off my mind knowing that, when go time comes, I'll have a trusted partner that will help me set things up right."

- JL

"I am extremely satisfied with the legal advice I received from Vincent. As an employer, I had lots of questions about the type of employment contracts I needed, whether someone was a contractor or employee, and how to handle early termination of a contract. I was also worried about wording within the contracts I had from a previous attorney, and I wanted to make sure I was doing everything 100% legally. Vincent cleared up all my concerns quickly and methodically, while also taking the time to explain the reasoning behind each of his statements to make sure I understood. I feel better informed to make good decisions in the future, and I'd definitely trust Vincent to handle any issues I have regarding employment law, on either side of the table. Also, he picked up the phone right away and was able to schedule a consultation for the next day--major props for that." 

- Megumi T.

"I was referred to Vincent by another Law Firm. I am thankful for that!  Vincent is very knowledgeable about Employment Law, I never realized how many rights, as a worker, I have. His demeanor put me at ease with all I had been dealing with. If anyone is looking for an intelligent, kind, (that I can tell he knows how to fight for your rights! Lawyer. Call Vincent Tong."

- AK

"Vincent Tong was my attorney for a harassment issue. We met, he reviewed the information I provided to him and he came up with a plan. I felt supported by him and appreciated his efforts on my behalf. I would recommend Vincent for your legal needs as he offers a wide variety of services."

- Janice G.

"I know Vincent Tong from his days as a law student and more recently as a fellow pro bono attorney. I first met Vince through my work at Santa Clara Law, and at the time, I thought he would make an excellent attorney when he graduates. I recently had the pleasure to co-counsel an eviction defense case with him, and he lived up to my expectations. He demonstrated excellent legal instincts. He had a clear vision of how to achieve our client’s goals, and thanks to his hard work, we achieved a favorable result for our client. He is definitely someone I want on my litigation team."

- John H. L., Attorney at Law

"In every respect Mr. Tong proved to be well prepared - had done his homework about the details of my particular case - understanding the laws involved as well as "psychological profile" related to what I and the other party had experienced. In the end Mr. Tong aided me with the result of being successful in getting a full RO (restraining order) against the other party. Mr. Tong even recommended me carrying out homework in preparation for my case which I completed even though it was not pleasant. This was invaluable since I was looking back at several years of incidents and needed to bring up as much details as I possibly could. Mr. Tong was specific in coaching me in a logical way on what would be helpful to my case and what would not while encouraging me to be as specific as possible in my account when I would testify. I unreservedly recommend Mr. Tong to clients looking for legal representation!"

- Anonymous Client

"I have known Vincent Tong for a number of years. His knowledge of employment law is extensive and he is a strong advocate for his clients. Moreover, Mr. Tong is professional, ethical, and has a strong presence in the local community. Whenever I need to make a referral for an employment law issue, Mr. Tong is my first and only choice."

- David R., Attorney at Law

NOTE: These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

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