Running a business brings endless challenges, but few situations feel more daunting than battling a lawsuit. The specter of lengthy court battles, legal fees, and judgments can terrify any owner. Yet litigation emergencies happen even with the best precautions. When legal disputes or allegations threaten your livelihood, partnering with an experienced California business litigation attorney can help you navigate turbulent times.

At TONG LAW, our business lawyers have handled hundreds of complex commercial lawsuits across industries and legal areas. We provide smart, strategic counsel customized to your unique situation. With our guidance, you can make informed decisions to efficiently resolve legal issues while minimizing disruptions to your company. Don’t go it alone in combating high-stakes litigation. Our attorneys are ready to partner with you.

Most Common Types of Business Litigation

Businesses today face a complex web of laws and regulations governing their operations and relationships. Even diligent companies can wind up embroiled in legal disputes alleging some act of negligence, breach of duty, or harmful conduct.

The types of civil lawsuits companies face can vary widely depending on their industry, business model, size, and other factors.
Understanding the most common categories of business litigation and claims can help executives and owners prepare for and manage legal risks. When a complaint arrives, it pays to have a sense of the nature of the conflict and the path ahead.

In our experience as business trial lawyers, some of the most prevalent types of business litigation include:

  • Breach of Contract Claims – Lawsuits for breaching a contract’s terms, like failing to deliver goods/services or make timely payments. It may involve failure to deliver goods/services, missed payments, unauthorized use of IP, etc. Common examples include disputes over corporate contracts and construction agreements.
  • Shareholder and Partnership Disagreements – Disputes between owners over operational decisions and corporate governance issues can prompt legal action. Partnership breakups and “business divorces” frequently end up in court.
  • Violations of Non-Solicit Agreements – Former employees violating restrictive covenants not to solicit customers/staff often trigger claims of unfair competition.
  • Fraud Allegations – Accusations of financial misconduct, misappropriation of funds, insurance coverage disputes, and deceptive business practices commonly form the basis of fraud lawsuits.
  • Intellectual Property DisputesTrademark and copyright infringement claims arise when competitors allegedly steal protected IP like trademarks or creative works.
  • Tortious Interference – Claims that a third party intentionally damaged a business relationship, such as inducing a breach of contract.

Having experienced legal counsel familiar with these common claims can help companies respond effectively and protect their interests. An ounce of prevention is also key to avoiding legal conflicts.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Options in California

Litigation is expensive, disruptive, and unpredictable. Many companies consider alternatives like arbitration, mediation, or direct negotiation.

In arbitration, a neutral third party acts as a private judge to resolve disputes confidentially and more quickly than in court. Mediation involves a mediator facilitating discussions between parties to find a mutually agreeable settlement. Negotiation refers to direct back-and-forth between the parties or attorneys to settle.

Alternative Dispute Resolution can help save your business money and preserve business relationships. The downside is companies have less control over the outcome versus letting a judge or jury decide. Choosing the best option involves balancing risk, cost, and control. An attorney can advise on the pros and cons of your specific situation.

Key Steps to Take Once a Lawsuit is Filed Against Your Business

Receiving a complaint can be jarring, but taking quick action is key. Steps to take include:

  1. Preserving documents and evidence related to the allegations
  2. Choosing the right business litigation counsel with relevant experience
  3. Responding to the complaint within 30 days, raising all defenses
  4. Developing a discovery strategy to build your strongest case
  5. Exploring early resolution options balanced with litigation readiness

Properly served companies who ignore a complaint risk a default judgment against them. Having skilled counsel in your corner immediately levels the playing field.

Why Work With a Business Litigation Attorney?

Going toe-to-toe against experienced opposing counsel without your own lawyer leaves you at a huge disadvantage. With so much at stake, a strong business litigation attorney in your corner levels the playing field. Key benefits include:

  • Rigorously vetting the claims against you and identifying meritless allegations to defeat early
  • Proactively gathering favorable evidence and formulating legal arguments
  • Managing pretrial deadlines and navigating complex e-discovery
  • Negotiating aggressive settlements to avoid risky, costly trials when possible
  • Preparing rock-solid defenses to minimize damages if a trial becomes necessary
  • Appealing unfavorable verdicts to seek to overturn them

The seasoned business trial lawyers at TONG LAW partner with you to tackle legal disputes strategically at every phase. Don’t litigate complex cases alone – contact our office today.

Take Control of Your Company’s Legal Matters

Few things can disrupt business operations, like high-stakes litigation. The financial threats, diversion of focus, and risks involved rattle any owner.

But by partnering with an adept business litigation firm, you don’t have to tackle commercial lawsuits alone. Our experienced attorneys masterfully guide companies through turbulent legal disputes.

We provide smart counsel and advocacy so you can make informed decisions. Don’t wait to protect your interests – contact TONG LAW today to schedule a consultation. Our team stands ready to defend your company.

Protect Your Business With TONG LAW’s Business Litigation Attorneys

High-stakes business litigation threatens your company’s financial future and reputation. But with an experienced legal team, you can strategically tackle disputes to minimize disruptions and risk.

Our commercial litigation trial attorneys at TONG LAW have successfully defended California enterprises and prosecuted meritorious claims. Don’t face impending lawsuits without the counsel of battle-tested litigators in your corner. Contact us today for dedicated legal representation to safeguard your business interests when they matter most.