Entering into a business transaction can be one of the most pivotal moments for a company. Whether it’s a merger, acquisition, securing a large loan, or signing a long-term lease, these deals shape the future success and direction of your business.

With so much on the line, having an experienced California business transaction attorney on your side provides immense value.

At TONG LAW, we’ve seen firsthand how legal guidance helps optimize outcomes and avoid costly missteps. Our team approaches each transaction with your business goals at the forefront. We provide strategic counsel and anticipatory guidance, working to ensure every agreement sets you up for enduring achievement.

Critical Business Transactions Requiring Legal Acumen

While all business deals benefit from legal review, certain complex transactions require expertise to optimize the outcome.

Commercial Real Estate Deals

Beyond drafting solid leases and purchase contracts, commercial real estate transactions require navigating zoning regulations, permitting, and environmental impacts.

Local knowledge becomes critical—a business transaction lawyer with experience serving clients throughout California provides valuable insight into key issues affecting deals across different municipalities.

We can help assemble project teams for large developments, including architects, engineers, and contractors, to cover all bases through design, approvals, and construction.

Buy/Sale Agreements

When buying or selling a business, a transaction attorney provides immense value through due diligence and crafting customized purchase agreements.

For sellers, we maximize valuation and negotiate ideal terms around contingencies, representations, indemnities, earn-outs, and security interests.

For buyers, we mitigate risks by uncovering liabilities and negotiating provisions to ensure the seller fulfills key representations.

Key areas we advise clients on include reviewing intellectual property, analyzing employee transitions, assessing contract assignability, navigating industry regulations, structuring payments advantageously, and outlining transaction logistics.

With our guidance, clients can make informed decisions, anticipate challenges, and structure deals aligning with their goals. We aim to optimize transactions for both buyers and sellers.

Intellectual Property Transfers

Intellectual property transactions require safeguarding innovations and ideas that represent immense business value. We have extensive experience handling licensing deals, technology transfers, trademarks, franchising, and other IP transactions.

We customize agreements that optimize profitability while establishing protections through nondisclosure, non-competes, diligent prosecution clauses, and more. For clients developing groundbreaking technologies, we provide general counsel on development strategies to maximize control and commercial potential.

Delivering Value Throughout the Process

Beyond sheer legal knowledge, at TONG LAW, our business attorney focuses on providing maximum value at every phase, from initial planning through post-close.

Here are some of the key ways we optimize the transaction:

Mitigating Risk

We advise clients on legal considerations, risks, and regulations impacting the deal before reviewing documents. This high-level guidance helps set priorities and strategy. Our experience handling transactions across industries provides unique insights that help clients capitalize on opportunities and sidestep pitfalls.

Customized Agreements Aligned to Your Goals

Rather than tinkering with form documents, we draft specialized agreements tailored to the specifics of each deal. We incorporate terms that optimally protect client interests while foreseeing potential scenarios years down the line. The finalized contract captures your business objectives while maximizing your protection.

Due Diligence In Protecting Your Business Interests

Due diligence helps avoid acquiring undisclosed risks or liabilities for deals involving companies or property transfers. Our team can rigorously review financial documents, assets, intellectual property, compliance, litigation exposure, and other matters impacting value and risk. For real estate, we can examine title work, permits, environmental factors, leases, and maintenance records. The goal is to eliminate surprises that could undermine the transaction down the road.

Favorable Terms Through Negotiation

The strongest agreements require negotiating savvy and legal acumen in equal measure. Our firm has consistently delivered clients added value by advocating for additional protections, more favorable payment terms, expanded rights, and other advantageous provisions during the negotiation process. We strive to bridge gaps and bring parties together on deals.

Post-Close Guidance Driving Success

The document signing completes the legal process but only begins the business relationship. We provide guidance on effectively transitioning to the new status quo while complying with often complex terms and regulations. The goal is to ensure that the post-merger integration or new financing structure delivers maximum benefits to our clients over the long haul.

Why TONG LAW is the Right Choice for Your Business

With extensive experience handling major transactions across industries, TONG LAW understands the intricacies involved and knows how to craft optimal deals.

We have earned long-standing trust as advisors who put our clients’ business objectives first. Our firm offers deep legal acumen, commercial insight, and a solutions-focused, responsive approach.

For any complex business transaction, leverage our experience by your side. We welcome the opportunity to schedule a consultation to explore how our services can add value and maximize the success of your upcoming deals.

Partner With a Team That Understands the Nuances of California Business Transactions

Entering into a major business deal can be daunting, but the proper legal guidance can optimize the outcome and set your company up for enduring success. With an experienced business lawyer familiar with California’s complex regulatory landscape, you can trust TONG LAW’s experience to shepherd your transaction to completion while advancing your long-term interests.

Don’t leave this pivotal moment to chance—empower yourself with counsel that will help negotiate a strategic deal. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to collaborating on an agreement that moves you toward your vision for the future.