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Explore TONG LAW’s areas of focus, where we blend legal understanding with practical perspectives. Whether you’re a business grappling with commercial challenges or an individual pursuing employment rights, our guidance is designed to support your distinct legal needs.


How to Start an S Corporation in California

Deciding on the proper business structure is a crucial first step when starting a business in California. One type of corporation, a Subchapter S corporation, sometimes called a 


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Empowering Employees Statewide

While our physical offices are situated in Oakland and Sacramento, our dedication to employees transcends boundaries. No matter where you’re located in California, TONG LAW stands ready to advocate for your employment rights, ensuring every worker’s voice is respected and protected.

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At the heart of our operations, our offices in Oakland and Sacramento stand as pillars for local businesses seeking legal counsel. We’re your strategic partner, dedicated to educating and ensuring that California businesses are compliant with the law.