After putting your heart and soul into building a business, the last thing you want is another company copying or diluting your brand name, logo, or tagline. Your intellectual property deserves protection to prevent misuse and maintain the trust you’ve built with your customers. This is where working with an experienced California trademark attorney pays dividends.

At TONG LAW, we’ve spent decades focused exclusively on helping enterprises protect their valuable trademarks. We provide tailored guidance based on a deep understanding of federal and California trademark laws.

Whether you’re looking to register new trademarks or need enforcement help against infringement, Our California Trademark Attorneys will work to secure your brand identity within California, across the U.S., and internationally.

Evaluating Your Trademark Registration Options

We start the process by extensively researching your brand name, imagery, slogan, and other materials to identify any risks or potential conflicts. State and federal trademark registrations have their own unique benefits, so we’ll examine which approach aligns best with your business goals and expansion plans. The optimal route depends on factors like your existing brand rights, competitor landscape, legal budget, and more.

Often, federal trademark registration makes the most sense for wide protection. But nuances apply for certain industries like winemakers deeply rooted in California. Our business lawyers will explain the pros and cons of state vs. federal filings and provide tailored advice on maximizing coverage. Thorough vetting early on helps avoid rejection down the road.

Conducting Trademark Searches

Before using a new brand name, logo, or slogan in commerce, it is critical to search and clear the proposed mark. A comprehensive trademark search will uncover any similar registered or pending marks that could potentially conflict with your own use. This allows you to assess risk, minimize potential objections, and maximize enforceability.

Unlike copyrights, which arise automatically, trademarks in the United States are based on use in commerce. Simply using an unregistered trademark provides only limited common law rights in the geographic areas where your brand is being actively promoted and sold. Federal registration provides nationwide protection regardless of where you currently conduct business.

Preparing & Filing Trademark Applications

Once we’ve conducted comprehensive searches and analysis, we handle every aspect of properly preparing and filing your trademark application. This includes crafting the identifying brand details, classification of your goods and services, listing specimen examples of current use, and other required application elements.

Attention to detail is vital, as minor errors can delay registration. Our experience with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) allows us to navigate the filing process from start to finish.

When application challenges do arise, our lawyers have the knowledge to overcome them. We’ll respond to any concerns raised by trademark examiners with strong arguments and evidence to ultimately achieve approval. We also manage any appeals that become necessary calmly and strategically to resolve issues favorably. Securing your trademark rights requires experience and perseverance.

Ongoing Trademark Enforcement and Protection

The registration process marks a major milestone, but our counsel doesn’t end there. We diligently monitor your trademarks to watch for potential infringements or conflicts that arise over time.

This allows us to send targeted cease-and-desist letters demanding infringing use to stop when found early. In cases of willful or damaging misuse, we won’t hesitate to pursue trademark litigation on your behalf. Our record in California courts includes many decisive victories against counterfeiters and other infringers.

Responding to Office Actions

We also represent clients facing disputes at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB), which handles challenges like trademark cancellations. Our knowledge of TTAB procedures provides a significant advantage in overcoming these threats. Protecting trademarks requires constant vigilance, which our dedicated attorneys provide cost-effectively.

Protect Your California Trademark with Experienced Counsel

Trademarks are invaluable business assets that must be vigilantly protected. The experienced trademark lawyers at TONG LAW advocate for clients across California. We offer dedicated legal counsel for registering, maintaining, and enforcing your trademark rights.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a trusted California trademark attorney. Our legal team looks forward to discussing your trademark needs and crafting custom strategies to safeguard your brand identity.