I was referred to Vincent by a close friend and highly respected attorney...

His business relationship and personal demeanor was nothing but professional and efficient. I cannot portray how seamless and effortless my experience was with him, during my legal assistance. If Vincent is representing you, peace of mind will surely be the result. Thank you Vincent.

Andrew M.
Vincent is an incredible lawyer...

His depth of knowledge in employment law and his extensive trial experience make him one of the best kept secrets in the bay area. Anyone lucky enough to get his time will find a diligent and passionate lawyer that is competent, compassionate, and earns the respect of everyone he works with.

Sam L.
Vincent was referred to me by a friend...

I had just decided to start a company with a co-worker and needed advise regarding leaving my old firm and also needed to hire an attorney for the new venture.  To date, Vincent has been our best hire. Because of him, we saved around 30K. 

Leah D.
Awesome awesome guy!!

I came across his number on one of the worst days of my life, and he set me in a great spot.  I didn’t even need his services as and he willingly gave me a significant amount of his time to walk me through the entire situation.  Great guy, definitely would recommend to any friend!

Ty J.
I contacted Attorney Vincent Tong at Tong Law...

I was not getting a favorable reference from my former employer.  I was given a negative review from my former employer to a prospective employer.  I lost job offers as a result even though I was highly qualified for the positions that I applied for.  Mr. Tong is an expert in employment law and business law. 

Ding Y.
I also chose Vincent Tong based upon his positive reviews on Yelp...

I am glad that I did.  He was able to review the documents I had received from my employer, and clearly explain to me what they meant and my options.  He was able to answer my questions, and was genuinely interested in my situation. I will recommend him to my friends if they have employment issues.

Pamela G.

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Can a Revoked Medical License Be Reinstated in California?

As a medical professional, having your license revoked can feel like a devastating blow – the culmination of years of education, training, and hard work being ripped away. 

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