At TONG LAW, we’ve seen first-hand the stress that workplace disputes put on individuals and families in Sacramento and across California. From discrimination and harassment to wrongful termination, we’ve handled complex employment cases, advocating on behalf of employees facing unlawful discrimination that jeopardizes their livelihood, dignity, and sense of justice.

All too often, employees feel overwhelmed when serious issues arise, and they don’t know their rights or what to do next when dealing with discrimination and/or harassment in the workplace and/or subjected to wrongful termination.

They may fear retaliation or further harm to their careers if they speak up. At TONG LAW, we equip clients with an understanding of their rights as well as compassionate yet aggressive advocacy as their employment attorneys. Our goal is to help clients achieve their goals, resolve legal issues so that our clients can move forward.

Facing Down Workplace Discrimination and Harassment

Few experiences feel more disturbing than feeling singled out for unfair treatment or harassment at work based on their race, gender, age over 40, disability, or other protected statuses. Unlawful discrimination can manifest through adverse employment actions, including lower pay, loss of promotions, demotions, harsher discipline, and even termination.

Employees subjected to unlawful treatment rightfully feel helpless, facing the difficult choice of enduring mistreatment or jeopardizing their jobs and upward mobility to address it through proper workplace channels.

Like discrimination, workplace harassment in California violates protected rights, covering scenarios from inappropriate verbal or physical advances to displaying visuals creating hostile environments. Yet speaking up about harassment often backfires, with the bully facing little discipline while victims get labeled “troublemakers.” Fearing retaliation, employees stay quiet while the harassment continues.

At TONG LAW, our employment attorneys investigate unlawful discrimination and harassment utilizing tried and true protocols. We relentlessly pursue a favorable outcome while avoiding unnecessary trials through strategic negotiation. Most importantly, we shift power back to the employee, giving victims a strong advocate to fight the mistreatment they experienced.

Recovering Unpaid Wages

Wage theft remains surprisingly common, whether employees suffer unpaid wages and overtime, denied breaks, minimum wage violations, illegal deductions from paychecks, or misclassification as contractors to avoid benefits and proper wages.

As experienced California employment lawyers, we have assessed and litigated wage claims for individual and multiple employees locally and statewide. Employers frequently exploit gray areas in wage laws, hoping victims lack awareness and resources to compel accountability. With TONG LAW, you gain legal counsel dedicated to recovering what you are owed based on the hours you worked.

Wrongful Termination Defense

Few events feel more jarring than being unlawfully fired. In California, employment follows the “at will” doctrine, permitting dismissal without extensive reason or notice.

However, there are restrictions on legal grounds for termination—employees cannot be fired for retaliatory or unlawfully discriminatory reasons.

Common wrongful termination scenarios involve:

  • Retaliation – Firing employees for exercising protected rights, i.e., taking family leave, organizing, or reporting regulatory violations.
  • Discrimination – When unfair, illegal bias clearly motivated the termination based on age, gender, race, disability, etc.
  • “Pretext” Firings – Dismissals falsely justified through alleged policy violations, performance issues, or misconduct when unspoken reasons (grudges, discrimination) truly motivated termination.

Responding in a timely manner with the support of an experienced employment law firm allows you to begin effectively building your case before legal deadlines expire.

Advocating in Sensitive Employment Disputes

Employees often feel confused about where to turn when employers violate their employment rights and trust.

Our experience resolving employment cases in California has shown time and again that knowledgeable legal advocacy makes the difference to compel accountability. Savvy negotiation, meticulous documentation, and understanding of employment laws let us secure favorable outcomes, including severance packages, workplace policies to avoid future violations, and access to employment records.

While each situation differs, with tailored legal strategy, we aim to establish just resolutions efficiently. Recovering compensation also further deters wrongdoing. We find job insecurity, discrimination, and harassment often worsen during recessions, meaning vulnerable employees need us now more than ever.

Schedule a Consultation – Protect Your Livelihood

If you are feeling unsure where to turn for experienced employment law counsel, TONG LAW’s Oakland and Sacramento offices offer consultations so we can listen to your situation and offer recommendations regarding customized solutions.

Contact us today to take the first step in getting answers and justice. With extensive workplace law experience guiding strategic action rooted in compassion, let us stand as your advocate.